Free Forex Trading Course

Last Updated on March 3, 2021 by Alphaex Capital

Welcome to our free forex trading course.

Here we have put down everything we can possibly think of to start your epic journey in becoming a forex trader.

How exciting for you to enter into the world of forex trading!

This is a serious skill, that has unlimited opportunities for you and your future.

It doesn’t matter what your background is whether you are a doctor or never went to college, this free forex trading course has been engineered to bring anyone up to speed with the market lingo and how the markets work. We help thousands of beginners each month to grow as a trader.

We have worked with students at Universities and professional athletes to dentists and ex-army, leaving them with a sure-fire free forex trading course to really understand the markets, how it works and how to avoid being easy targets by the market makers.

If you are not ready to jump straight in, here is a quick Forex Trading for Beginners guide to get you up to speed.

No more wasting money on information, no more wasting time, it’s time for you to act now and begin your journey.

Why This Free Forex Trading Course?

In this course, we will provide step-by-step lessons in each aspect of trading to really hammer in the knowledge we share for free.

You can take as long as you want to learn and you can revisit all the pages whenever you want.


Even better, introduce a friend to our website and get a learning buddy – go through the material and learn together.

We’ll be surprised that our free forex trading course would not be beneficial to you. We have seriously pulled back the curtains to some of the most common miss taught methods of trading!

We ACTUALLY trade. The people behind this course have been in the trenches, trading successfully for years in both the finance industry and privately (some have retired from industry).

You can then test one another and help explain to each other how things work.

Learning is and will be fun, so make sure you complete ALL the pages and ALL the quizzes!

Don’t be shy to repeat the quizzes; they help translate the information to knowledge and start engraving the lessons to memory.

All the quizzes are designed to really deepen your understanding of each topic.

Also, go buy or grab a notebook.

Take as many notes as possible, do not print off the course and highlight the sections. This is lazy and you will not learn much.

By writing notes down, you go through a specific process to help deepen your learning and memory of the topic.

These are:

Processing the information

Translating that information to understandable snippets

Physically writing down the new understanding to paper

Re-reading and reaffirming the new understanding on a physical piece of paper.

Do this in every section, you’ll have your own set of personalised notes and you will walk away with a great base of knowledge.

In addition to writing down notes, completing quizzes and learning with friends. We will set specific tasks where you can try to replicate the information taught on a demo (or live account) in real time.

Free Forex Trading Course For Beginners - Man Taking Notes

The advantage of learning to trade is you can learn in real time without risking a single penny.

By following these guidelines – you will learn how to trade the forex markets for free and be able to take action in becoming a profitable trader.

If you are willing to just give us 100% of your attention to better yourself, learn a new skill and develop a deep understanding – then you will see the benefits we offer for FREE. It’s a win/win situation for you.

Question: Have you already found out how to learn forex trading yet?

If yes, we suggest you start right at the beginning. We have exposed techniques on how to actually set up support and resistance levels, how to actually execute trades and many more golden nuggets in this course.

So don’t skip a page, it will either serve as a nice refresher or open up your mind to a better way of trading!

If no, then you are lucky to be starting learning how to trade forex from scratch with the right information to build on.

Please enjoy this free forex trading course and we can’t wait to hear from your results in the near future!

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