DiNapoli Trading Method – Ultimate Guide – UPDATED 2020

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The DiNapoli Trading Method is a trading strategy that is only taught through authorised traders, vetted by Joe DiNapoli himself.

The beauty of the financial markets is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to speculate on the prices moving up or down.

The majority of all trading systems is based on technical analysis, whether it be price action based or following a technical indicator.

Either way, you can get a signal from the markets whether to buy or sell.

I bet you have read a majority of different strategies online such as the “Golden” and “Death” crosses…

However, there is one method I bet you haven’t heard of… From Joe DiNapoli a trader who is well-respected, who adapted the common Fibonacci levels into his own

DiNapoli Trading Levels.

This strategy has tested the test of time, originally publicised in 1998.

Plus the book itself fetches for over $160 on Amazon right now…

In fact, we’ve managed to secure the Trading With DiNapoli Levels book with many bonuses available through only us.

The book has been translated into 12 different languages across the world and is on it’s 3rd edition.

In this article, you will be led through the DiNapoli Trading Method and where you can get started.

If you love using Fibonacci levels, then you are going to LOVE this trading strategy.

But first…


Joe DiNapoli Trader – All You Need To Know

Joe has been around the block a fair few times with over 40 years of trading experience, a lecturer and an author of the DiNapoli Levels: The Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment Markets.

Just think about it, 40 years of trading… That means he has traded during several market crashes globally.

So if anyone has any credibility in surviving the markets, Joe DiNapoli is up there for sure.

Joe DiNapoli developed his own oscillator & moving average convergence divergence predictor methods, but is most famous for his unique method of using Fibonacci levels.

This is what we are here to talk to you about today, his application of the Fibonacci levels and how it was a game-changer for him.


What is the DiNapoli Trading Method?

Joe is famous for developing and applying oscillators, MACD and displaced moving averages into his systems to build a higher quality trade entry and exit opportunities.

The core aspect of the DiNapoli Trading Method relies on the Fibonacci levels that are available on most platforms.

To implement his full system is very lengthy and you must be qualified to teach it, especially in a short article like this.

So, we are going to give you an overview, which still covers the fundamentals.

The reason behind this success is thanks to DiNapoli’s years of research behind the Fibonacci levels he noted and concluded which levels are significant support/resistance levels during a retracement.

DiNapoli Trading Method 2019 Example

The idea behind the method is once the price has been rejected at either of these levels and formed an ABC pattern, then there should be strong evidence for the market to resume in its original direction.

In addition, you can gauge with accuracy a take profit level.

The beauty of this strategy is that you only need the Fibonacci retracement tool to draw the levels and extensions.

This has been a common theme in his findings and over the many years has proved that this can work on any asset and on any timeframe.

The lower the timeframe ( 1-minute, 5-minute,15-minute etc.) the more frequent these levels appeared.

The opposite is said on higher time frames. The higher the time frame, the less frequent opportunities arise – but the quality of the trades are superior.

So the DiNapoli Trading Method is simply a Fibonacci retracement?

No, far from it.

The initial part of the strategy uses them to identify a point where the market will stall and reverse then continuing its trend.

The key to this strategy is combining the DiNapoli Levels + DiNapoli Targets.

These are proprietary levels generated using DiNapoli’s principles.

The scope of the DiNapoli Levels + Targets is to provide forward-looking areas in the markets where the market could trade towards after a retracement has been confirmed.

It is these areas where the method stands out.

If you want to learn more about the DiNapoli Trading Methods and harness a strategy that has been used extensively for decades, then you can find out how to trade this strategy direct.

If you want to learn the strategy yourself – you can purchase the Trading with DiNapoli Levels book through us.

Summing up the DiNapoli Trading Method


Does this still work in 2020?

Absolutely, in fact, it’s one of the better trading methods available with its simplicity, ease of use, and robustness this is a pretty good strategy for beginners and experts alike to learn and take advantage of these turbulent markets.

Remember, the DiNapoli Trading Method is easier the more you practice it. Don’t expect to go and perform this trading strategy within the next few minutes.

Pro tips:

  • Don’t use this method in a sideways market. This is to be able to enter a trending market with accuracy.
  • Don’t force a trade and draw what you can see.
  • Wait for confirmation of the retracement before plotting the target levels.

This strategy takes time to learn and practice.

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