John Henry

Alphaex Capital Content Writer | Professional Trader

John Henry is a seasoned forex trader and educator who has been actively involved in the financial markets for over a decade. With a background in finance and economics, he is known for providing accessible and trustworthy trading education to new forex traders.

John specializes in teaching core concepts like divergence, mean reversion, and price action trading strategies. His interest in global currencies started while taking international business courses during his university studies. After graduating, he started actively trading and honed his skills by voraciously reading books and researching strategies.

Over the years, John became an expert in technical and fundamental analysis and risk management. He is particularly adept at spotting divergences between price action and indicators. John also understands how to identify mean reversion setups and trade key levels in the forex market.

With a strong desire to help others avoid common trading mistakes, John began sharing his knowledge through writing and virtual classes. He is an active contributor to Alphaex Capital, where he aims to teach essential forex skills to new traders for free. John’s writing is known for its clear explanations and practical recommendations.

When he isn’t analyzing currency pairs or educating fellow traders, John enjoys staying active by hiking and golfing. He also has a passion for travel and learning about new cultures. John’s diverse interests influence his comprehensive forex trading approach.