Alphaex Capital Limited

Leader In Actionable Trader Education & Professional Research Services

Who We Are

Alphaex is a combination of Alpha (above market returns) and Apex (highest point of achievement/apex predator) as this aligns with our business outcomes in providing phenomenal masterclasses to the masses in order achieve a collective greater success in the markets.

We provide professional market analysis, quality market sentiment and technical analysis research that is specifically designed for the retail trader and investor.

Our extensive research covers commentary and analysis globally with a core focus on equities and forex markets.

Our traders have been through the Financial Conduct Authority accredited exams that are required to practice investing at a professional level and are registered holders of a Chartered Institute of Investments and Securities accreditations.

We are the pioneers in actionable, learn and earn, trader education through our Masterclasses. We have seen so many ineffective trading courses for the masses and we have seen the same internet marketing strategies and outcomes used every time.

We are here to switch it up and provide institutional grade education through our Masterclass series.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a service that is unmatched by no one.

We strive to ensure that all of our services and content exceed our client’s expectations whilst providing tremendous value.

We want to build a community of capable traders/investors that are like-minded and willing to provide support and nurture new and upcoming traders. We want to rip apart the forex “get rich quick” and “make easy money online” sales pitches and obliterate the blurred lines between a real, actionable, trading course and a well put together marketing upselling course.

Our Masterclass series outcomes will allow the participant to use their own brain and two hands to construct a systematic trading plan, who can then move forward in their trading.

Our market research and analysis’ main outcome is for independent and professional traders to receive professional, actionable, analysis, high-quality market sentiment and clear technical analysis research.

Our Future

Alphaex Capital is at its humble beginnings with over 16,000 engaged followers across its platforms and growing each month.

Our roadmap is filled with brand new, industry-leading, tools and services that are being worked on from the ground up.

We are open-minded to improvements discussed and encouraged by our community.

We listen to our community and that means that we can develop a business built for the community, by the community.

Our future holds:

  • Professional Masterclasses covering Trading & Portfolio Management, Algo & Strategy Development and Wealth Preservation & Income Generation.
  • Community-driven forum
  • Trading chatrooms with live feedback from our traders
  • Algo Leasing Services
  • Alphaex Capital iOS and Android App
  • Live Webinars
  • Plus much much more