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Our goal is to support the wider trading community that cannot afford to waste £500, £1000, £5,000 on trading lessons, coaching and courses. We are committed to this because most traders that start give up because of the high barrier of entry to start (especially after spending money on education that may not be worth the money they paid for).

We want this resource to bridge the gap from understanding to action-taking. Think of us as the next step from Babypips.

As a trader, I understand the complexity that can be involved with learning and applying the methods taught. That is why I’ve made this website free. A free resource with content that is better than 90% of the stuff you’d pay thousands for. This information on this site, with the effort involved, will get you trading successfully.

This website runs ads to help pay for the bills to run, but the time it takes to maintain, update and publish new content is costly. This is where you’re support would be most welcome.

The website is forever growing thanks to its high-quality content and golden nuggets available & made free for you. I have so much I want to share with you.

That is why donating can help, I can direct the sources back into creating the high-quality, market-proven, content you have come to expect from this website.

Benefit from your donations

I will accept requests from donators that would like extra help on a topic. These requests can be:

  • A lesson request about a particular topic, curated for the donatee but published on the website thereafter.
  • An analysis walkthrough of a chart, this is great to help you build confidence and pick the brains of what I would do.
  • “Explain to me like a 5-year old” session, where if you are stuck on a topic, I will break it down further for your benefit.
  • Plus many more requests.

(You can see some of the ways I’ve helped traders in the past here)

To make a request with your donation, simply make your donation below, then on the next page click the request button.

Each request is reviewed and subject to time and availability. Donation requests are accepted for donations of £20 or more.

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