This Weeks Must Watch: Crypto, Gold And Brexit

This Weeks Must Watch: Crypto, Gold and Brexit

Welcome to this week’s Must Watch series where we scour the Internet for the most credited sources of information that is available for you to enjoy, for free.

As a forex trader, your job isn’t just to know about what the price of EURUSD is.

It is to be able to understand where the economies are going and how you can make a profit from it.

There are a lot of high-quality free resources available for everyone to devour and absorb the latest analysis and focal points in today’s market.

Just read our article on FinTwit if you want to get access on demand.

The goal of the Must Watch series is:

  • To educate you and present the highest quality analysis from the best analysts in the world.
  • To get you thinking about the future of the markets and economies.
  • To get you to a higher standard of trading.

With that being said, below we have curated some of the best videos online for you to sit down, watch and take on a new thought process on how assets are developing like Crypto and where on earth Brexit is going to take us in the future.

Please note that some of the videos are dated from last year – but they have been released recently.

Video 1: Cryptocurrencies, the ICO Craze, and Institutional Investors

If you want to learn more about Crypto, ICOs and how institutional investors come into play in the Cryptocurrency markets – then this video gives you excellent insight.

This video is excellent for those who want a deeper understanding of the fastest-growing asset class of all time. Do you have skin in the game? If so, then the key takeaway from this video is how the landscape of the institutional traders is changing – a must know to be able to adapt.

Video 2: Silver and Gold in the Modern Portfolio

It’s not just Crypto that’s catching headlines.

In today’s world, the big themes are Gold, USD and Crypto. Not because they are necessarily the best opportunities, but it’s because as a general consensus people believe they are.

In this video, a portfolio manager specialising in gold and silver.

Now the key points to take away from this clip is the important differences between sizing bullion versus sizing mining stocks, watch that bit carefully ;).

Video 3: The Combustibility of Brexit

Winter & Brexit is coming… At the same time.

Brexit has been one of the most focal points in recent market history and marks a first of its kind. This means traders, speculators and even the Government are scratching their heads and posting their theories online.

The following video takes into an account of the possible scenarios that can take place and what are the greatest political risks for the European Union.

Again, core points here are mainly about the risks to the European Union – because if you’re following the data, you’ll understand why…

That’s a wrap for this week’s Must Watch.

Let us know how you get on and which parts interested you the most.

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