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Stock Market Masterclass

Investing in the stock market is a well-known source of wealth and fortune. Investing in the growth of a company that you can physically interact with makes more sense to some people instead of trading the forex markets.

It is more than possible to build and trade a sizeable account to generate positive returns year on year by building a systematic approach to the stockmarkets that outlines risk management, adopting a trading bias based on looking at the bigger picture, rule-based idea generation and fair value pricing analysis.

Imagine having these skills to be able to discover high-quality trading opportunities every day, week, month and year.

Topics Covered

Risk Management

We highlight the exact tools necessary to reduce your losses and enhance your winners.

One of the most significant differences between a retail trader and professional traders is down to their risk management. We cover this topic in detail and provide you with a working excel sheet to improve yourself after each trade.

Technical Analysis

We teach you how to use Technical Analysis to look for optimal entry levels.

Technical Analysis is used to time your entry following your fundamental analysis. We teach you how you can look for optimal entry levels in any forex asset and achieve a higher probability to achieve a profitable trade.

Economic Data Analysis

We teach you the importance of Economic Data and how to utilise it.

Trading is not just about looking at charts. Charts tell the story of an asset, but the true driver of all charts are the economic data sets. In Forex, it is vital to get a big picture view of an economy to build a trading bias. In this section, we also teach you how you too can follow the smart money for free.

Psychological Performance Coaching

We teach you the importance of trading psychology and how to improve on it.

In order for you to achieve success in the markets, you must approach each trade with the correct mental approach. This part of the course is to build a foundation where you can build from to become a better trader. No more chasing losses. No more cutting winners.

Fair Value Price Analysis

We teach you how to build your own value price model to trade from.

With our expertise, we transfer this invaluable lesson to you. Once you have done your own research into a company, understood it’s fundamentals, it’s sector’s performance and whether or not it’s growing, it’s important to understand where the price is relative to it’s fair value. We teach you how to build a channel between a top, middle, and low range of the price. With this skill, you will be able to understand exactly where the price is and discover if it’s systematic risk or unsystematic risk. This one little tool will greatly enhance the probability of a profitable trade.

Building The Systematic Plan

We teach you how to set up your portfolio to win over time. Putting everything together.

By this point, you would have learnt chunks of phenomenal information. It is time to turn these chunks into building a blueprint to build on your knowledge and take immediate action.

Taught By Industry Professionals

Our courses are produced by qualified traders who have had in-the-trenches experience in the financial services. There is no one better to guide you in this subject.

Actionable Trading Courses

We learned that most courses available don’t actually give you an end product. Nothing to take you on to the next step, instead just a series of information. We developed these Masterclasses to provide you with actionable steps to develop the skills you will master.

Industry Leading Training.

Our Masterclasses will empower you to be able to think and talk like a professional from building the bigger picture which is essential to decide where the most profitable opportunities in the world, then honing in which assets will benefit from these bigger picture trends.

100% Online Masterclasses

Take as long as you want to learn how to manage your funds properly and achieve market-beating returns year after year. We update the courses with new examples, questions and more to keep the learning objective and active. Don’t take too long though…

High Quality & Affordable

Sadly, we are not a charity. However, our goal is to improve the retail trader’s experience and knowledge to trade the financial markets. With affordable pricing, we provide tremendous value to help you move forward.

Professional Support

Our Masterclasses are for everyone. However, there may be a section that you may not understand – or need breaking down – that is why we offer 1 month’s Premium E-mail & Live Chat Support with every purchase.

Independent Traders

  • Individuals who are looking to improve on their trading skills.
  • Individuals who want to invest via an ISA, SIPP or their own Cash accounts.
  • Execution Only Traders.
  • Individuals looking to grow their savings from home.

Universities & Colleges

  • Students looking to gain a real-world, practical, masterclass into the financial markets.
  • Students who are pursuing a career in Financial Services/Investment Services.
  • Students who want to expand their knowledge within the financial markets.

Employers & Job Seekers

  • Employers looking to improve their trading performances
  • Employers looking to reduce costs in training
  • Job seekers looking to learn new skills from home
  • Job seekers looking to improve their CV with our skills taught

Alphaex Capital Forex Masterclass

  • Level Of Understanding Required: Minimal but knowledge of the markets and mathematics will be positive.
  • Masterclass Asset Coverage: Equity Markets
  • Masterclass Topic Coverage: Risk Management, Economic Data, Technical Analysis
  • Estimated Completion Time: 1-2 week
  • Content: Over 120 Pages + 10 Excel Worksheets
  • Outcome: To competently follow a systematic approach and trade the stock markets mechanically with enhanced probability.