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Grid Scalping – UPDATED 2021 – Understanding No Loss Grid Trading

Technical Analysis

Investors who are looking for a no-loss forex trading strategy prefer grid scalping because it is extremely simple to trade and generate consistent profits as a forex trader. With this type of trading, there is no guessing about where the market is going and there is no analysis involved. You need not recognise any patterns …

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Forex Factory: 5 Free Tools That Will Improve Your Trading

Technical Analysis

How To Use Forex Factory Trading Tools For Free Forex Factory is one of the few websites that hold high quality, reliable information for traders for free. Used in forex trading for beginners and experts. As individuals learn how to trade, costs associated with trading can eventually add up, which means one has to trade …

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FinTwit Set Up Guide (Do THIS And Save Money)

Technical Analysis

What is FinTwit? “FinTwit” stands for Financial Twitter and it is a super useful underground layer of Twitter that people in the know are active on. On Twitter, you can search tweets by anything from words to hashtags to $tags (cashtags). Why is this useful? Because we can obtain free insights into some of the …

Flag Chart Pattern - Alphaex Capital

how to trade Flag Pattern

Chart Patterns, Technical Analysis

What is a flag pattern? Flag patterns are quite rare, yet powerful candlestick patterns. They form in the shape of a flag… surprised? They appear after a large move (just like pennants) but consolidate in a range sideways in forex trading. Unlike pennants which consolidate higher, or lower. These are really easy to spot and …

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how to trade Pennant Pattern

Chart Patterns, Technical Analysis

Moving swiftly on from wedges, we must talk about trading pennant chart patterns. They are virtually the same pattern; except they form after either a sharp move up or down. Ideally, pennants form with smaller/exhausted body candlesticks that are narrowing as the session goes on. Plus, unlike wedges, they are continuation patterns only in forex …

Flag Pattern - Alphaex Capital

how to trade Wedge Patterns

Chart Patterns, Technical Analysis

In this part of the course, we will introduce the concept of trading wedge patterns in forex trading for beginners. Wedges are slightly different because they appear mid-trend and can be either a continuation or reversal pattern in forex trading. What is a wedge pattern Wedges occur when the market has pushed in a general …

Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern - Alphaex Capital

Head and Shoulders Pattern

Chart Patterns, Technical Analysis

In this topic we will discuss the formidable head and shoulders pattern. One of the best chart patterns in forex trading for beginners. This chart formation is one of the most iconic and powerful in forex trading, so it is vital to be able to identify these patterns frequently and easily.  It is also good …

Head and Shoulders Pattern - Alphaex Capital

How To Trade Double Tops and Bottoms

Chart Patterns, Technical Analysis

Double Tops and Bottoms These types of candlestick patterns emerge frequently in the marketplace and can give great signals if a change in trend is about to happen. These can form a single time at the top, or multiple times when trading in a range. Double tops are formed when the market has tried to …