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Technical Analysis vs Price Action: Which One Is Right For You?

Technical Analysis

Are you struggling to understand technical analysis and price action trading? You’re not alone. While the two are similar, there is a big difference between them. So what exactly is the difference between technical analysis and price action trading? In this article, we will talk about technical analysis vs price action and their relative strengths …

Does Technical Analysis Work for Trading Social

Does Technical Analysis Work?

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the study of the price action of an asset, such as the value of a share or the value of a forex pair. The objective is to predict where assets will go based on price action and previous behaviour. Technical analysis is one of the most widely used forms of study for currency …

Technical analysis vs fundamental analysis - Social Image

Technical analysis vs fundamental analysis: What are they?  

Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis

Every stock market analyst has a divided approach to forecasting market trends and determining the growth of companies. Technical and fundamental analysis are the two sides of the same coin. Sometimes, they use both of these techniques in predicting stock prices, however.   New investors find it hard to determine the best stock for investment, so …

Swing Failure Pattern Trading - Featured

Swing Failure Pattern Trading – UPDATED 2022 – A Complete Guide

Featured, Swing Trading, Technical Analysis

When you enter the world of trading, learning how to create a winning strategy is one of the most important things. However, understanding and responding to market indications before others is equally crucial.  Swing failure pattern is a reliable technical trend indications traders can use to build a winning trading strategy by identifying an early …

Tick Scalping and Tick Chart Trading - Alphaex Capital

Tick Scalping & Tick Chart Trading – UPDATED 2022 – A Complete Guide

Forex Trading, Technical Analysis

Traders generally use a wide variety of charts to analyze markets, most of which are time-based. Long-term traders rely on daily charts to get a bigger picture and hourly charts to plan their entry and exit. Short-term traders go small like using 1-minute charts to stay on top of the price action.  However, a tick …

Liquidity Grab - Featured

Liquidity Grab – UPDATED 2022 – Understanding Forex Liquidity Zones

Featured, Forex Trading, Technical Analysis

One of the first advantages of getting started with forex trading is the liquidity the market offers. This liquidity offers ease of trade, making the market popular among traders.  Small and big players tend to acquire larger positions in the market than they can afford, in an attempt to benefit from the leverage. This is …

Alphaex Capital - Dead cat bounce

Dead Cat Bounce in Forex: Here’s What You Need to Know

Forex Trading, Technical Analysis

This article will go through what on earth the trading lingo is for the term “Dead cat bounce”. You’ll understand that this is something you may hear frequently on market chat rooms and news channels etc. and finally understand what they mean by it. After reading this article, just hearing the term will give you …

Alphaex Capital - Flag Trading The Trend

Flag Trading The Trend – In-Depth Guide To Forex Flag Pattern Trading

Technical Analysis

Technical traders use a variety of trading techniques in the financial markets. The flag pattern is one of the more popular candlestick patterns used to define trend extensions or a breakout of a support and resistance level. This type of patterns proves to be an excellent addition to any forex trader’s technical toolkit. Perfect in …