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Swing Failure Pattern Trading - Featured

Swing Failure Pattern Trading – UPDATED 2022 – A Complete Guide

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When you enter the world of trading, learning how to create a winning strategy is one of the most important things. However, understanding and responding to market indications before others is equally crucial.  Swing failure pattern is a reliable technical trend indications traders can use to build a winning trading strategy by identifying an early …

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Swing Trading: The Complete Guide

Swing Trading

When it comes to forex trading online there are several ways for beginners on how to learn forex trading through technical analysis. This can become quite confusing to many beginner traders. Each forex trading method involves different ways to acquire pips. One of the most popular forms of trading, that is suitable for all levels …

Alphaex Capital - Swing Trading vs Day Trading

Swing Trading vs Day Trading – Which Is The Best?

Swing Trading

There is a lot of discussion around swing trading vs day trading that leaves people in limbo. Which is best as a forex trader? Which should I choose? What on earth is the difference? Well, in this article we will decode the two trading strategies. Then, after reading this article, you will be able to …

Alphaex Capital - What is a Swing Trader

What Is A Swing Trader | The Essential Guide For 2022

Swing Trading

What Is A Swing Trader One of the best aspects of forex trading is being able to hone particular skill sets and specialise in them. There is an endless way of trading the markets and it is common for forex trader to stick to one type of trading that they feel most comfortable with. What …