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Kelly’s Criterion For Forex Traders

Risk Management

Kelly’s Criterion: The Secret Of Trade Management This little gem will help you improve as a forex trader and have one of the biggest impacts on your risk management. Very important in forex trading for beginners to understand this. The job hedge fund manager is to manage its’ traders and ensure it’s strategies are followed …

How to scale trades in forex

How To Scale Trades In Forex

Risk Management

Another well-used method for risk management is understanding how to scale a trade in and out. This takes forex trading for beginners to another level. We call this pyramiding too and this is the reason… As you can see that the base of the pyramid is the largest initial position followed two more opportunities to …

Trailing Stop Loss Orders

trailing stop loss in Forex

Risk Management

Taking profit is the easiest job in the world. However, we need to trade smart if we want to squeeze every penny from a trade. This is where using trailing stop loss orders come into play. Ideally, as you build your account you would like to target twice as much as you are risking, so …

Stop Loss Order

Stop loss orders in forex

Risk Management

Risk Management is one of the key components to forex trading successfully. Trading is as much of a defensive art of protecting your capital as it is making a profit. There is no shame in losing. In order to succeed, you must be willing to cut your losses and let your winners run. This is …

Risk Management For Forex Traders

Risk Management

Risk management for a forex trader is probably the most important factor when forex trading for beginners (+ Experts). Firstly, you must understand what your goal is with forex trading. Your goal as a trader is to preserve your capital whilst growing it. This can only be achieved by applying strict risk management, such as …