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Technical analysis vs fundamental analysis: What are they?  

Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis

Every stock market analyst has a divided approach to forecasting market trends and determining the growth of companies. Technical and fundamental analysis are the two sides of the same coin. Sometimes, they use both of these techniques in predicting stock prices, however.   New investors find it hard to determine the best stock for investment, so …

Alphaex Capital - What is NFP for forex

What is NFP for Forex: Why You MUST Avoid It

Fundamental Analysis

This monthly economic indicator has all the beginners googly-eyed. And for no good reason either. In this article, we’re going to show you the true non-farm payroll and explain what is NFP in forex. Buckle up, because at the end of this article we’re going to share with you why you MUST avoid this data …

Alphaex Capital - Dovish Meaning

Dovish Meaning: What It Is and How to Interpret the Signal

Fundamental Analysis

How many times have you heard someone talk about something being dovish? Especially on Bloomberg. It’s another animal expression taken on by the finance family, just like understanding what hawkish meaning is. In this article, we’ll explain what the dovish meaning is and how you can interpret it accordingly. Check it out: What is Dovish …

Alphaex Capital - Hawkish Meaning

Hawkish Meaning: An Explanation in Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Time to learn what the hawkish meaning is. One of the most common words that investors hear in the news is Hawkish. Hawkish refers to when a central bank’s policymakers talk about raising interest rates, slowing down economic growth, or even easing up on inflationary pressures. These policies are based on their outlook for the …

Alphaex Capital - What are economic indicators

What Are Economic Indicators

Fundamental Analysis

How Forex Traders Use Them If you are a forex trader, then you need to know what are economic indicators and how they can affect the market. What many people don’t realise is that there are both leading and lagging indicators. What this means is that some economic data comes before others, giving traders an …

How To Trade The Commitment Of Traders Report

Fundamental Analysis

Due to the timeframes most commonly used by a forex trader, we best not focus on longer-term macroeconomic analysis right now. Instead, you are going to gain your Global View by piggybacking on Hedge Funds. For you, this will be a simple case of “is the industry net long or net short”. Remember, these guys …

Important Economic Trading Data For Forex

Important Economic Trading Data

Fundamental Analysis

US Data Releases We have included two segments that you must understand whilst you trade. These are highly important data flow and important data flow. The data highlighted below can move the markets in any direction, so understanding what they mean for the economy will give you an edge on how to react. Highly Important …

Fundamental Analysis For Beginners

Fundamental Analysis: What is It and Why to Use it

Fundamental Analysis

Forex traders and investors are always looking for ways to improve their trading skills. Fundamental analysis is a way of analysing market data in order to determine the intrinsic value of an economy.  It can be used to predict the direction of a country’s economic health as well as its future performance, which gives it …