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Who Is the Best Trader in Forex? (These 6 Are)

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The Forex market has been growing at a tremendous rate over recent years. There are now many people trading currencies on a regular basis, making huge sums of money from trading currency pairs. However, who is the best trader in forex? This article will give you the lowdown on who is the best trader in …

How Old Do You Have To Be To Trade Forex? (This Will Surprise You)

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Are you young and looking to trade the forex market? It may be possible for younger traders to be successful with forex, but you have to be careful. Many rules and regulations surrounding this type of trading are more strict than those of the traditional stock exchange. Read on to find out how old you …

Become a Funded Trader by Showing Prop Firms These Traits

Forex Trader, Prop Trading

Becoming a funded trader at a prop firm is something every retail trader aspires to. The reason is obvious, it provides an opportunity to jumpstart a lucrative trading career for high performing traders.  With lots of funding providers out there, this appears to be a straightforward goal to achieve. But it isn’t that straightforward for …

Can You Trade Forex on Weekends & Should You?

Can You Trade Forex on Weekends? Should You Do It?

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Many people have asked me this question over the years – “can you trade forex on weekends?” Weekend trading has grown in popularity over the last few years, with many people choosing to trade currencies on Saturday and Sunday instead of working days. This article provides advice on whether you should trade weekends and if …

Best Forex Brokers List

These Are The Best Forex Brokers In 2022

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As you prepare to begin trading forex, you will need to choose a broker. While you might have heard different opinions regarding the best fx brokers out there, it is often hard to tell who’s actually good and who isn’t. This guide will help you find out the best forex brokers in 2022. Best Forex …

Are Trading Bots Profitable? – The Truth About Them

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Bots have become a mainstay of forex trading for the same reason they have done so well in other markets: they automate trades. They’re highly efficient and can help you maximize your profit when combined with other strategies. In this article, we’ll outline some of the challenges that arise with their use, including the risks …

What Is Bid Size in Forex - Social

Understanding What Is Bid Size in Forex Trading

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Most people know what trading is, but very few know what is the difference between the bid and ask size is in forex trading. Trading in forex is a fast-paced, high stakes activity that requires careful risk management. This post will help you understand what bid size and ask size are in forex and how it …

Why Do Most Traders Fail in Forex - Social

Why Do Most Traders Fail? – Top 8 Reasons Traders Fail at Forex

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Here’s a big question that beginners ask: Why do most traders fail? Most traders fail because they are not aware of their trading mistakes. It’s never too late to start improving your trading skills and improve your chances of success. Many people have the idea that they should be able to make a profit from trading – …