Admiral Markets Review 2022

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This Admiral Markets Review has been produced to give you only the best insights into the forex broker, how they service their clients, what they have to offer you and why you should choose them.

Firstly, congratulations on doing your research and due diligence!

Secondly, a little bit about us and why we are qualified to provide this review.

Alphaex Capital is recognised for being a source of ground-breaking, high-quality, factual content that doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

We have over 30,000 followers across social media and tens of thousands of traders have used our platform as a springboard to greater levels of trading success.

The goal, like the rest of our content available, is to provide a transparent review of Admiral Markets forex broker and to help guide you on your journey to finally finding a forex broker you can not only trust but be happy with.

At the end of the day, if you partner up with the wrong broker you can end up losing more money to fees, slippages and errors than actually trading yourself. Choosing a broker to partner with is a. big. deal…

So wouldn’t you rather read an in-depth review of the features and what to expect?

By the end of this Admiral Markets Review, you will have learnt the exact reasons why they are one of the most trusted, cheapest and pioneering brokers in the world.

Shall we begin? Yes.

Disclaimer: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. This content is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice or an investment recommendation.

Admiral Markets Review 2022

Formed in 2001, Admiral Markets is one of the largest forex brokers in the world and has an international presence worldwide. This makes the company widely available to most countries that allow forex trading. The great part about their worldwide presence is that they also have licences from local regulators all over the world – it would be impossible to be regulated by so many if they did not adhere to the local regulator’s rules and laws.

Only recently this year they have been awarded the  Best Forex Platform by ADVFN

Admiral Markets UK Review 2019 - Best Forex Platform


As you can see from this that they are obviously top of their game as a service provider to be recognised as the best forex platform.

Over the past 10+ years, we have seen a plethora of different brokers pop up and shut down due to poor services in both client and execution – with Admiral Markets’ being around for 18 years they have had to adapt and innovate to maintain their top spot and this is why we believe they have some of the best services on offer at incredibly competitive pricing – we will discuss this in greater detail further down.

I’m sure you’d agree with us, if the company itself was poor to its customers and offered poor execution, it wouldn’t have lasted 18 years.

If you look at other reviews such as the Admiral Market Trustpilot, then you can see they receive an average score of 4/5 stars and many other reviewers would agree with this.

Admiral Markets Review Trustpilot - Social


You can see there is also a negative review on there too – but this is clearly someone paid to provide a negative review. How can we tell?

Firstly, what the reviewer asked for is available on all platforms – the company mentioned has the exact same platforms (Metatrader 4 and online access).

Secondly, the reviewer mentioned another company.

When going through reviews of brokers in general, you will see a lot of basic false accusations which have come from a misunderstanding or clients that do not understand certain aspects. We will cover some of these aspects in this review to not only help you understand how some processes work but for you to avoid any bad experiences that may arise in the future.

One of the most common negative experiences with forex brokers is withdrawing from them. This is a very simple, yet wildly reportable problem with many brokers and their feedback.

This is a very simple answer – as per Anti-Money Laundering laws, it is the Forex Broker AND YOUR OBLIGATION to provide your Proof of ID and Proof of Address. Many brokers will block withdrawal requests until this has been verified. Sometimes, depending on how much you deposit they will ask for a Source of Funds or Source of Wealth. This is to confirm where the money has come from; this could be savings, lottery win, employment etc.

Now, for Admiral Markets to be regulated by the FCA alone they need to prove and show that they can treat their clients fairly as part of their responsibilities. If Admiral Markets did not make withdrawals transparent and easy to process, they would lose their licence. After going through several pages, it is good to know that “reviewers” did not moan about anything related to withdrawing from Admiral Markets. So you can rest assured that the process will be painless.

Another negative experience is traders blaming the forex broker for their losses or getting “stop hunted”. This is just a wild accusation out of frustration and many people do not take into account the fact they get the bid/offer price on the chart. So when they try to verify on a 3rd party platform like Trading View, they feel unjust because they see the midprice on these platforms.

Now with Admiral Markets, they have a prime service that provides 0-0.1 pip spread on the EURUSD and is extremely low for the others – this is a perfect service if you want to trade the markets. We’ll go into more detail later on.

Now let’s get into the benefits and features of the Admiral Markets Review.

Key points to take from here:

  • Established for over 18 years
  • Worldwide presence
  • Regulated by 4 different regulators
  • Voted Best Forex Platform

Admiral Markets Review – Regulators

One of the key points we must get across in this Admiral Markets review is to highlight how the forex broker protects investors’ interests and who they are regulated by to conduct financial services, and in which countries. Admiral Markets are regulated by 4 different entities thanks to their worldwide presence. These are:

UK Financial Conduct Authority – FCA

One of the world’s most renowned and respected regulators that innovate and pioneer the best practices to safeguard retail traders. Getting regulated by the FCA is no easy feat. You must adhere to the strictest of regulations and reporting to ensure 100% compliance with them. By being licenced by the FCA, you can be assured that Admiral Markets meet the highest standards of financial services demanded by the FCA, whilst providing and respecting the best available protection to retail investors.

Estonian Financial Supervision Authority – EFSA

The FCA equivalent is based in Estonia which allows financial services to be provided within the European Economic Area and European Union. Governing all financial services whilst also protecting investors.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commissioner – CySEC

Similar to the EFSA, CySEC is a very popular regulator across Europe and most European based forex brokers have a licence.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission – ASIC

The Australian equivalent of the FCA, governing regulatory matters includes managing and maintaining licencing for regulated forex brokers based in Australia.

Without these regulatory licences acquired by Admiral Markets, they would not be able to offer financial services to the public. Equally, the only way they can get the licences is by adhering to the regulations and ensuring that their services are compliant. So it is without a shadow of a doubt that being regulated globally, across 4 separate regulators – they clearly demonstrate that they are competent and compliant in the eyes of the regulators and can provide and install trust for their many clients.

Admiral Markets US Clients

One thing we cannot miss out on in this Admiral Markets review is the fact that they do not accept US citizens due to not having registered & holding a licence.

This is a shame because Admiral Markets offers a great, all-in-one solution for many traders. We hope to see this change in the near future.

Admiral Markets Scam: Are They?

One of the most common things many people look for is whether or not a broker is a scam.

Most cases of “scam searches” for particular brokers are because they have read disgruntled customers (or fake reviews) comments about “slow withdrawal” or “taking their money”.

This naturally leads to a fear of potential customers for any brokerage.

But rest assured, as far as Admiral Markets scam is concerned, there is none.

They are a legitimate business regulated globally (as seen above).

What Makes Admiral Markets Different

We wanted to ensure that we highlighted the key differences in this Admiral Markets review. Being in the business for 18 years, Admiral Markets has had plenty of time to develop and innovate to become a leader in the industry. They have developed tools and partnered with third-party providers to arm every Live Account holder with the best possible information, data and technical analysis around.

To highlight their key innovations, they are:

  • Volatility Protection Tool
  • Multi-asset broker
  • Premium Analytics in the Trading Room
  • Metatrader 4 Supreme Edition
  • Cashback

We will discuss these features later on in more detail throughout the Admiral Markets review.

Not only do they support you with some of the best services available, but they also offer extremely cheap trading & fast executions – 90% executions within 150 milliseconds (according to their website); which in turn will help your trading performance. Don’t forget,

Fewer fees, and faster executions = accurate trade entries and potentially more profits.

Assets Available To Trade

Next up in the Admiral Markets review is to identify what assets are available on the platform. The beauty of Admiral Markets forex broker is that they are a multi-asset broker, meaning they offer Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Bonds, Indices, Cryptocurrencies and ETFs. So you can trade all of your favourite assets under one trading account – again, helping reduce fees.

  • For Forex trading, they offer 47 different currency pairs;
  • For Stocks, they offer US, EU and UK Shares;
  • For ETFs, they offer US, EU and UK ETFs;
  • For Cryptocurrencies, they offer 32 cryptos;
  • For Commodities, they offer 26 assets;
  • For Bonds, they only offer the Bund and US 10 Year;
  • For Indices, they offer 19 Cash Indices and 21 Index Futures

As you can see above there is plenty to trade from, offering you a mixture of assets to increase asset exposure and diversify your portfolio.

We really like the fact you can also trade ETFs through the platform as these can offer a cost-effective solution to trading and exposure to harder to invest in assets.

Now let’s get on to the main benefits of using Admiral Markets broker…

Admiral Markets Metatrader Supreme

>> Get access to these premium tools for free by clicking here

This is Admiral Markets best forex platform.

One of the key advantages of having an account with Admiral Markets is their targeted services to forex traders, new and experienced.

One of these features is an Admiral Markets Metatrader Supreme package, which is essentially a Metatrader 4 platform that comes pre-bundled with exceptional tools and indicators.

Admiral Markets Metatrader Supreme Edition

As you can see these are completely free to both Live and Demo account holders, which means you can have a risk free preview of the platform and its tools.

What comes bundled with the supreme edition?

  • Trading Central In-App Technical Analysis – get automated pattern recognition software within Metatrader 4.
  • Global Opinion Tool – Personally you can neglect this tool, whenever a broker offers these types of tools & trading sentiments they are usually data captured from the broker themselves – so you basically see the forex broker’s client’s sentiment. e.g) if 80% of the traders in the widget are bullish, it means 80% of the forex broker’s customers are bullish.
  • Real-time news – the package comes with the tools to provide real-time news within Metatrader 4, which is always super useful.
  • Real-time account analysis – you can also get graphical and statistical data of your trading performances, which again is always useful.

Volatility Protection Tool

A useful tool to ensure maximum protection on your account and reduce the chance of extreme mistakes from happening.

You can read about all of this on their website when you sign up, but the key point we’d like to make from this tool is that it can prevent Pending Orders from being executed when the market gaps, which can save you from a lot of “Oh crap” moments… It happens to all of us…

In addition, the tool opens up a new world of transparency too – it can comment on your trades whether there was positive or negative slippage. This saves you the guesswork, and/or using an Expert Advisor to do it.

The volatility protection tool is something you should check out as there are a lot of features there that can really take the sting out of trading.

The best part about this tool is that it is completely FREE. Watch the image below to get a better idea.

Admiral Markets Account Protection Measures

Premium Analytics

Another free tool is Premium Analytics on their website – you can access this via your Trading Room dashboard.

It essentially combines market news, economic data releases, technical insight by Trading Central and a market sentiment indicator.

The screenshot below will give you a good idea of what to expect behind the scenes of the Premium Analysis.

Admiral Markets Review 2019 Premium Analysis

>> Get access to these premium tools for free by clicking here

Admiral Markets MT4 Platforms

Admiral Markets do not have their own proprietary trading platform, instead they white-label one of the world’s largest and trusted trading platforms – Metatrader 4 (mt4).

Admiral Markets MT4 offers everything you’d come to expect from a trading platform, and much more.

Using the Admiral Markets MT4 platform allows you to integrate your own indicators and truly customise your trading platform.

Thanks to this partnership, as an account holder you will also get access to the Admiral Markets MT5 platform and Admiral Markets Web Trader.

Moreover, you can access the platform across any device, including the Admiral Markets MT4 for Mac download – they truly do offer a service that is suitable for everyone.

Admiral Markets MetaTrader 4 For Mac Platform

As you can see, this is one of the Admiral Markets best forex platform

Admiral Markets Live Chat – Customer Service

You can get access to their support team via Live Chat. This is great during office hours to be able to ask any questions that are not that urgent, but still, demand a quicker response than e-mail.

However, if it is urgent – always call them. Don’t be shy, they are there to help you and resolve any problem as quickly as possible.

Admiral Markets Demo Account

Admiral Markets demo account is free to set up and play around with for as long as you want. It’s the perfect, risk-free, way to access some of their key benefits mentioned today – so you can be used to their service when you make your account Live.

Naturally, some of the features are switched off on the demo account – reserved for Live Account holders only. However, once you get a feel of the platform, their customer service, their benefits, their pricing and their execution – we believe you’ll be opening a Live Account with them in no time.

Disclaimer: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. This content is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice or an investment recommendation.

Do Admiral Markets Offer A Bonus?

No, not right now and even if they did we would recommend you avoid any type of trading bonus. They require a high turnover (frequent trading) to unlock. Your focus should be on growing your account, not unlocking a bonus.

In fact, Admiral Markets is actually offering you superior value with its features mentioned in this review.

The only bonus we could categorise in this section is that they have their own free analysis for technical and fundamentals articles and trading webinars you can attend. Plus, they have their own free forex trading course , but we also provide that too!

Admiral Markets Account Types

There are 4 Admiral Markets Account Types for you to consider when opening an account.

These are:

Admiral Markets MT4 Accounts


This account is where you only pay a spread and no commission on Forex pairs. It offers everything from the forex broker – all assets, platforms and analysis.

However, you cannot trade Stock and ETF CFDs through this account.

Admiral.Prime AKA Admiral Markets ECN Account

This account is where your spreads are as low as 0 pips and you instead pay commission.

Admiral.Prime is their ECN account. Which means the service aims to match your orders with other market participants. So if you want to buy, you would be matched with someone who would want to sell at that price.

Admiral Markets MT5 Accounts


Admiral Markets MT5 account is the same as the MT4 offering, however, it offers Stock & ETF CFDs on their platform. You still pay a low spread for each trade.


Admiral Markets Invest is only used for trading cash equities and ETFs

Commission Vs. Spread

This is entirely circumstantial on how you prefer to pay, but we wanted to let you know that it does affect your trading conditions.

So, if you paid a spread each time, that means you would be paying the difference from the bid/ask to enter a trade. You would only pay this once, and everything you see in your Profit tab is accurate.

So, if you wanted to buy an asset that was trading at 1.00 and the spread was 0.05 pips; then your entry price would be 1.05.

This means you need the market to move 0.05 pips to break even.

Whereas by paying in commission – your spread is reduced significantly, but you pay for the trade upfront. For example, if your commission was $5 per trade, but you got 0 spread – using the same example of buying at 1.00 would mean you would enter at 1.00.

However, you have paid $5 in commission, so to breakeven, you would need the market to move to 1.05 – or 0.5 pips.

As you can see, they are both effectively the same in terms of trading costs but one offers a “cleaner” entry price which is closer to the mid-market (Admiral.Prime).

Which one to choose? Trading fees included they are both the same unless you trade in volume – then the Admiral.Prime will be significantly cheaper as they will reduce your commissions by almost 50%.

Whichever of the different admiral markets account types you choose, you’ll be in safe hands.

Pips From:0.50.50
Average Spread:
Highest Spread:
Avg. Cost Per Lot:$6$6$6

Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing with Admiral Markets is a breeze, there are 8 methods of making a deposit to your account, which include bank transfers, debit cards and electronic wallets.

With electronic wallets like Skrill and Neteller there is a 0.9% fee, and all other deposit types are free.

All deposit types, except bank transfer and Przelewy, are instantly added to the account, for bank transfer it takes up to 3 days and Przelewy is 1 day.

Withdrawing is free to your bank account which can take up to 3 business days and withdrawing to Skrill/Neteller will incur a 1% fee.

Admiral Markets Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit is $200/£200/€200; however, we recommend that you deposit more funds should you be able to afford it.

Is Admiral Markets For Me?

The beauty of Admiral Markets is the fact that they offer a huge range of services for all traders, new or experienced, beginner or professional. With this in mind, they are ideal for traders who want a reliable, trustworthy and transparent with all the right tools and assets needed to conduct your forex trading.

Thanks to their low minimum deposits, low spreads, and fast executions I would say that this platform is perfect for forex trading for beginner traders too. There really are no other standout forex brokers.

Admiral Markets Account Types: Which Is Best For Me? 

This all depends on your trading style, remember you effectively pay the same price anyway.

Ideally, we would recommend an MT4 based account as it is more stable and has a lot of features already available to the platform.

More specifically, the Admiral.Prime would be a personal preference due to narrower spreads and a reduction in commissions after a certain amount of volume has been generated.


To wrap up this Admiral Markets Review, although not suitable to US citizens, it is apparent that traders from all over the world will be pleased with Admiral Market’s trading resources, pricing structure and transparent trade executions.

Admiral Markets has been a big name in the industry since 2001 and continue to provide outstanding service, whilst innovating new products to empower their traders. Having read this review, you can now see why. This is why Admiral Markets is one of the best forex brokers in our eyes.

If you are simply shopping around for the right broker, Admiral Markets is an excellent choice, especially for those seeking to have an all-in-one solution across multiple assets. With a no-strings-attached Admiral Markets demo account, fully-featured trading services and holding regulated licences across the world, Admiral Markets has plenty to offer.

Admiral Markets Logo

Our Verdict


+ Voted Best Forex Platform
+ Tight & Competitive Spreads
+ Licensed By 4 Regulators, Worldwide.
+ Multi-Asset Broker
+ Volatility Protection Tool + Many Other Free Services


– Do Not Accept US Traders
– Inactivity fee if you do not trade if you have not traded within 24 months
– MT 4 Only Broker

78% of retail CFD accounts lose money with this provider

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